Established Bus Stops: Hamilton St and Ager Rd, February 1

Advisory Effective: 2/1/21 - 3/2/21

Monday, February 1, 2021  

Routes Affected: F1, F2,F6,F8, R4 

Due to Prince George’s County changes, new bus stops will be established to provide increased ADA accessibility and more service to customers. 

Established bus stop on Hamilton St (F6, F8, R4): 

  • Eastbound towards New Carrollton Metrorail station, Cheverly Metrorail station, and Highview at Ager Rd located approximately 50 ft east of the intersection (bus stop ID# 3004370). 
Established bus stops on Ager Rd (F1, F2): 

  • Northbound towards Takoma Metrorail station at Hamilton St located approximately 10 ft south of the intersection (bus stop ID# 3004371).
  • Southbound towards Cheverly Metrorail station located approximately 30 ft north of the intersection (bus stop ID# 3004372).