24/7 DC Bus Service

Introducing 24/7 DC Bus Service: A Better Bus for ALL

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Thanks to funding from the District of Columbia, Metro is excited to launch 24/7 bus service across 14 routes throughout the city-every 20 minutes or better!

Metrobus now operates around-the-clock serving all 8 DC wards, providing the convenience of affordable, reliable, and secure transportation to those who power-and enjoy-our nation's capital after hours.

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Whether you need to get to work, get home from work, or even get home from a night out, Metrobus will help you get there for only $2 each ride. If you take Metrorail as part of your trip, your $2 goes toward your Metrorail fare!

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  • Planning your trip is easy with Metro's Trip Planner.
  • Track your Metrobus along your route using our busETA tool.

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  • Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD) and our Metro Integrated Command Center (MICC) monitor the bus network 24/7. If you need any assistance or are experiencing an emergency in the Metro system, please contact the Metro Transit Police by dialing (202)962-2121 or text MyMTPD (696873). For non-emergency assistance, you can submit an email here. See something, say something!
  • Courtesy stops: Customers traveling between the hours of 9 pm and 5 am can request a "Courtesy Stop" closer to their destination. At the bus operator's discretion, a safe location will be identified.
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We've created the 24/7 DC Bus Service toolkit to make it easy for you to help us spread the word about this vital new bus service. Feel free to use this content as-is, or modify it as appropriate for your community and/or organization. We are grateful for your partnership!

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Q: Where can I find a map?

Our 24/7 DC Bus Network map is available HERE.

Q: How can I plan my trip?

Planning your trip is easy! Find your ride's total cost and a detailed route at wmata.com/TripPlanner or call Metro's Customer Service line at 202-637-1328 to speak with a customer service representative in any language.

Q: How is Metro addressing safety and security concerns?

Metro Transit Police Department (MTPD) and our new Metro Incident Command Center (MICC) is available 24/7 for emergencies. Customers in need of assistance or experiencing an emergency in the system, can contact Metro Transit Police by dialing (202)962-2121, texting 696873 (MYMTPD), or emailing here.

Q: Why only DC?

24/7 DC Bus Service was made possible thanks to funding by the DC government through the DC Metro for All Act in 2023, which funded 24/7 DC Bus Service on 14 selected DC bus routes for the first year.

Q: How were these routes selected?

Metro and DC identified 14 of the District's busiest routes based on equity and the highest early-morning and late-night ridership data across all 8 Wards.

Q: How does the 24/7 DC Bus Service benefit the region?

Expanding this service will offer more affordable, safe and reliable transportation options for essential workers in sectors like hospitality, healthcare, and construction during the late-night and early-morning hours. Additionally, it will aim to serve late-night entertainment seekers and college students on the weekends, contributing to the overall convenience and accessibility of public transit in the region.

Q: Is this expansion a part of Metro's Strategic Transformation Plan?

Yes, Metro's Your Metro, The Way Forward Strategic Transformation Plan aligns with the 24/7 DC Bus Service, emphasizing Metro's commitment to service excellence, talented teams, sustainability, regional partnerships and diversity, and equity in public transit. Read the full plan here: Strategic Transformation Plan.

Q: Are there affordable fare options for passengers?

Metro offers a range of fare options, including daily, weekly, and monthly passes, making it cost-effective for essential workers and regular commuters to utilize the 24/7 DC Bus Service or call Metro's Customer Service line at 202-637-1328 to speak with a customer service representative in any language. Snap recipients are eligible for Metro Lift, 50% discounted Metro bus and rail fares - for more information and to register online, visit wmata.com/MetroLift

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