Courtesy Stops for Metrobus

Courtesy Bus Stops

"Courtesy Stops" for Metrobus is a nighttime program to safely drop off Metrobus customers at a location along the bus route that is between our usual bus stops.

Between the hours of 9pm and 5am, customers riding most Metrobus routes may request a "Courtesy Stop" in 3 easy steps:

  1. When boarding, let our Bus Operator know you'll be requesting a Courtesy Stop
  2. In approach to your desired drop-off, pull the Stop Requested cord to signal to the Operator
  3. Walk to the front and inform the Bus Operator of your Courtesy Stop location

A Courtesy Stop may only be made at the front of the bus and not through the rear doors.
Courtesy stops are at the discretion of the Bus Operator to ensure the safety of our customers and to not interfere with any other traffic or road conditions when stopping the bus.

Courtesy Stops do not apply to our Limited and Express bus routes, including:
59, 79, 11Y, 16 A, 16C, 16Y, 17B, 17G, 17K, 17M, 18G, 18P 28A, 29K, 29N, C11, K9, Metroway, P18, REX, S9, T14, T18, W14, X9, Z7

The courtesy stop program is one element of Metro's Better Bus Initiative offering new bus facilities, zero-emission buses, more dedicated bus lanes, improved communications, and additional customer improvements.

Learn more about Better Bus Initiative, including our Bus Network Redesign, here.