Metro Invites Rider Comment on Proposed Metrobus Route 42, 43, L1 and L2 Changes

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Service Change Arroows

Service Change Proposals: Metro develops service proposals based on rider, bus operator, and other stakeholder input, and seeks feedback to identify preferred option(s).

Metrobus is committed to maintaining high-quality transit service. To improve quality and reliability, Metro, along with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT), is evaluating bus service along the Mount Pleasant (routes 42 and 43) and Connecticut Avenue (routes L1 and L2) lines.

The Service Evaluation Study is being conducted to identify improvements needed to meet current and future travel needs of Metrobus customers. The analysis will review service reliability, quality and productivity. Your feedback will help create recommendations to improve service.

In November 2017, over 2,500 riders provided Metro with input about their service on Metrobus routes 42, 43, L1 and L2. Using this feedback, along with additional analysis examining bus service productivity and performance, the study team has developed the following initial service change proposals for public and stakeholder review and input.

Come speak to project staff about your feedback on the proposals at one of the open houses listed below:

Route L1, L2 Open House
Wednesday, June 20 2018
6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.
University of the District of Columbia Law Library, Room 515
4340 Connecticut Ave. NW, Washington D.C.

*Take routes L1 or L2 to either the bus stop at Connecticut Ave & Yuma St NW (southbound) or the bus stop at Connecticut Ave & Albemarle St NW (northbound)

Route 42, 43 Open House
Thursday, June 21, 2018
6:00p.m. - 8:00p.m.
Columbia Heights Community Center
1480 Girard St. NW, Washington D.C.

*Take routes 42 or 43 to the bus stop at Columbia Rd NW & Mozart Pl. NW or the Harvard St NW bus stop; both bus stops are located 0.2 miles (4 blocks) from the community center.

Route 42 and 43 (Mount Pleasant Line) Service Change Proposals

  • Proposal A: Route 42 buses would run between Mount Pleasant and Dupont Circle only AND Route 43 buses would run between Mount Pleasant and Gallery Place. See Map of Proposal A.
  • Proposal B: At Dupont Circle, all Route 42 and 43 buses would run under the Connecticut Avenue underpass and bypass the stops at Dupont Circle and Q Street.  Buses heading north would bypass the stop at R Street. See Map of Proposal B.
  • Proposal C: Convert some Route 42 buses to Route H1 buses. Operate Route H1 all day. See Map of Proposal C.

Route L1 and L2 (Connecticut Avenue Line) Service Change Proposals

  • Proposal A: Convert all Route L1 buses to Route L2 buses. All buses between Chevy Chase Circle and Farragut Square would run along the L2 route in order to simplify service options and increase weekday frequency between Chevy Chase Circle and Farragut Square.
  • Proposal B: On weekends only, terminate every other Route L2 trip at Woodley Park. Between Chevy Chase Circle to Woodley Park, buses would run every 20 minutes instead of every 30 minutes, BUT between Woodley Park and Farragut Square, buses would run every 60 minutes instead of every 30 minutes.
  • Proposal C: Consolidate bus stops that have low levels of use and are close to other stops to improve travel speeds. See Map of Proposed Bus Stops for Consolidation.
All survey responses to the individual service change proposals will be reviewed independently however may be combined into a single final proposal. Metrobus Service Evaluation Study Background Information
As part of the budget process, Metro undertakes a systematic review of bus routes throughout the region. Each year, a number of bus routes in each of the jurisdictions are examined to improve service, efficiency, and delivery. Overall performance is evaluated with the aim of improving service reliability, frequency, crowding, travel time, bus stop amenities, and customer communications.