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Solicitation CQ18068


Status: Closed
Posted on 11/16/2017
Due on 02/14/2018
Pre-Proposal Conference Date on 12/07/2017
Contract Administrator: Caison, Sherry A
Email Address:


112/20/2017Amendment 001 Cinder Bed Road - Questions and Answers and Excel Price Schedule - See Attachments for documentsCQ18068 - Cinder Bed Road Amendment 0011.pdf
201/11/2018The amendment includes revisions to the RFP, extending the due date to January 31, 2018, 2:00 pm, revised Key Personnel, List of Additional Exhibits, Contract Deliverable requirements list, Revised Excel Price Summary Sheet, provided furniture list and the final questions and answers. The documents are in the attachments or posted to the exhibit website. CQ18068 Cinder Bed Amendment 002.pdf
301/24/2018Extending Solicitation Due date from January 31,2018 to February 14, 2018 2:00 PM EST. Additional Questions and AnswersAmendment 0034.pdf


WMATA is soliciting proposals for the multi-year operation and maintenance of Metrobus service operating from WMATA’s Cinder Bed Road Facility.


RFP No. CQ18068.pdf
Notice Pre -Preposal Conference.docx
Notification of Pre- Proposal Conference Requirement Change.docx
Pre-Proposal Attendance Sign-In Sheets.pdf
Questions for Amendment 0021.xlsx
SCHEDULE C WMATA Cinderbed Facility OM Price Proposal_REV 5_2017_10_261.xlsx
Amendment 0002 - RFP Changes.xlsx
Key Personnel Attachment.docx
Cinder Bed List of Additional Exhibits for Amendment (2).docx
Updated CDRL List Proposal Requirement Clarification.docx
Copy of Copy of SCHEDULE C WMATA Cinderbed Facility OM Price Proposal REVISED.xlsx
Cinder Bed Furniture List.xlsx
Final Question Responses 1-11-18.xlsx
Amendment 003 Q-As.pdf

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