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Safer. Cleaner. More reliable. While returning Metro to the world-class system it once was is a long-term goal, we are already making progress restoring our system Back2Good.

GM Wiedefeld

Showing signs of getting back to good

Our customers will determine when we are ultimately back to good, but I am confident we are on the way. I am very proud of the thousands of Metro employees who are working day and night to improve safety and service for our customers.

A great example is our new 7000 Series cars.  They look better, they ride better, they sound better, but most importantly to our riders, they work better.

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Escalator Ratings 95%

Our escalator ratings are going up.  In fact, at 95% reliability...they're in better shape than they've been in years. Better escalator performance is one very visible way we're getting Back2Good.

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B2G Escalator Performance

New 7000 Series Cars

Every business day we're replacing one of our outdated 4000 series cars with a new, state-of-the-art 7000 series car. So next time you ride Metro, look around for the new 7000 series cars.  They look better, they ride better, they sound better, more importantly, they work better.

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New 7000 series cars

WI-FI on Station Platforms

By the end of 2017, our plan calls for having WI-FI available on over half of our underground stations. When you start seeing more and more of your fellow commuters connecting with the world, you'll know we're making progress getting Back2Good.

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WI-FI on Station Platforms

Cleaner Stations are Safer Stations

Better lights, cleaner floors, easy to read signage...research shows that cleaner stations are also safer stations. So we've made it a policy to deep clean our stations 4 times more frequently than we did previously. Next time you're in a station that passes the white-glove test, that's a good sign we're getting Back2Good.

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Cleaner Stations are Safer Stations


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Our riders play a vital role in Back2Good. Your experience is what we value.

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