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Establishing Action Plans
Metro is committed to monitoring our successes and addressing any areas of concern that require action. Some issues arise as a result of safety investigations, inspections, and audits of Metrorail or other parts of our operations. Others arise from Internal Reviews.

When an issue is identified that requires corrective action, Metro develops a Corrective Action Plan (CAP, for issues identified by regulators) or an internal Corrective and Preventive Action plan (iCAPA, for issues identified internally). Each plan contains actionable steps designed to address the root cause of the issue, identifies the people responsible for taking each step, and includes an implementation schedule.

Monitoring and Tracking Compliance
As iCAPAs and CAPs are being implemented, Quality, Metro's internal compliance department, works with action owners, regulatory agencies, and other Metro departments to ensure that action plans are being followed and that their outcomes effectively address the issues they identified. This oversight promotes accountability and transparency in Metro's efforts to make the system as safe, reliable, and effective as possible.