Bike Locker Rental Application

Bike Locker

Apply to rent one of our secure bicycle lockers located at 56 Metro stations. Your bicycle will be safe and dry while you ride Metro stress-free.

The locker doors are approximately 49" tall and 40" wide, and storage areas are 74" long.

Annual bicycle locker leases are available for $60 plus a refundable key deposit of $10. To sign up, fill out the application below and make sure to select a start date at least one month from your application date to allow time for processing and key delivery.

Our team will reach out to you within two weeks to confirm your reserved space and process your payment via credit or debit card.

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NOTE: Not all Metrorail Stations are equipped with bike lockers. Select your preferred location(s) from the drop down lists, below.

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Renter shall notify WMATA of any change in contact information within ten (10) business days or this Agreement shall be Subject to immediate cancellation.

TERM AND EQUIPMENT. This Agreement commences on and expires on unless payment for the subsequent rental period is received by WMATA not less than ten (10) days before the expiration date stated above. Upon expiration or termination of this Agreement, WMATA will recover possession of the locker and dispose of any property remaining in the locker in accordance with the disposal of property conditions stated in Section 8 of this Agreement. The Rental Payment shall be non-refundable unless this Agreement is canceled by WMATA pursuant to Section 7 below. WMATA will issue to renter one key, which renter agrees to return within twenty-one (21) days of the termination of this Agreement and which renter agrees not to duplicate. WMATA will return the key deposit if the key is returned within the 21-day window. If not, the deposit will be retained to pay for change of lock.

TERMINATION OR CANCELLATION. In the event that you wish to terminate this Agreement, you shall notify WMATA by returning your locker key with your cancellation notice to: Metro Locker Program, 4100 Garden City Drive, Hyattsville, MD 20784. WMATA may cancel this Agreement at any time upon giving renter thirty (30) days written notice and refunding any unused full month's rental. Refunds are made only by check and require ten (10) to fifteen (15) working days to process.

THIS AGREEMENT PROVIDES FOR INSPECTION OF LOCKERS BY WMATA. This Agreement entitles the renter to store one bicycle and related bicycle equipment (such as helmet, pump, or lock) for personal use only in the above designated locker for the above designed time period. This Agreement expressly prohibits use of the above designated locker to store items for sale, rent, or lease such as, but not limited to: tables, chairs, cartons, vending carts inventory or merchandise. If items other than a bicycle, or bicycle related equipment, for personal use by the renter are stored in the locker, WMATA reserves the right to terminate this Agreement and any other bicycle locker rental Agreement with the renter immediately. WMATA will promptly notify renter of the termination in writing. Upon such termination, WMATA has the right to empty the locker of any property stored therein. Such contents will be held by WMATA for fourteen (14) days and then disposed of by WMATA as unclaimed property. WMATA reserves the right to prohibit any renter whose Agreement has been terminated by WMATA from renting a WMATA bicycle locker in the future. WMATA expressly reserves the right to inspect lockers with or without notice to the renter. Renter agrees that WMATA has the right to ensure that only a bicycle and related equipment for personal use are in the locker. In the event of Termination pursuant to this section, no refund of the Rental Payment shall be made.

ASSIGNMENT, SUBRENTING OR SUBLEASING. This Agreement does not convey transferable property rights to the renter. WMATA expressly prohibits the assignment, sub-renting or subleasing of any WMATA bicycle locker.

THIS AGREEMENT LIMITS WMATA LIABILITY. Renter is responsible for their own property and all actions, injuries, losses and/or damages related to their property while in the locker. WMATA is not responsible for fire, theft, loss or damage to the bicycle or any other item left in the locker. Renter is responsible for ensuring the locker is locked. Renter is responsible for keeping the inside of the locker clean and free of debris. This Agreement may not be amended unless such an amendment is put in writing and signed by renter and WMATA's authorized agent. No employee or agent may alter WMATA's liability under this Agreement.

ACCEPTABLE FORMS OF PAYMENT. Please note that we do not offer prorating of locker space. Payments must be mailed to the above address in the form of a personal check. . We do not accept cash or 3rd party checks.