Bicycles on Metrorail

Metrorail Welcomes You & Your Bicycle

Bikes on Metrorail train

Bicycles and scooters are welcome on Metro at no additional cost!

What Can I Bring?

  • Your bicycle or electric scooter must be smaller than 80" long, 48" high, 22" wide.
  • Gas powered vehicles are not permitted.

Guidelines For a Smooth Ride with Your Bicycle

  • Use the elevators to transport your bicycle and allow other customers to enter and exit first.
  • Use the extra-wide fare gates to enter the station.
  • As always, stand a safe distance away from the platform edge and ensure your bicycle is not blocking other passengers.
  • Enter rail cars through the front and rear end doors. There is a limit of four bicycles per railcar, with two at each end of a railcar.
  • We recommend using the first and last cars, since they are often the least crowded.
  • Senior citizens and individuals with disabilities have priority in designated seating areas.

Bicycle Etiquette

  • Please do not ride your bicycle inside stations, on platforms, or on trains.
  • Remember to keep both wheels on the ground, the kickstand up, and always stay with your bicycle.
  • Make sure your bicycle is free of excess grease and dirt and has no sharp projections.


  • Customers under the age of 16 with a bicycle must be accompanied by an adult. An adult may only accompany one child with a bicycle at a time.
  • In emergency evacuations, place your bicycle on top of the seats so it does not block the aisle and leave it behind as you evacuate. Metro employees, police, or fire officials may provide additional instructions.
  • Metro reserves the right to restrict bicycle access during special events or high passenger volume.

Bicyclists are responsible for their own bicycles and all actions, injuries, losses, and/or damages related to their bicycles in station areas, aboard trains or on Metrobuses. Metro assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged bicycles.