Metro Bike and Ride Facilities

Bike & Ride facility at College Park

Metro has three secure Bike & Ride facilities at historically high bike-to-rail stations: College Park, East Falls Church, and Vienna. Together, Metro’s Bike & Rides offer secure parking for about 270 bikes, with space for expansion to meet future demand.

Our Bike & Rides offer security features such as 24/7 video monitoring, entry through registered SmarTrip® cards, emergency call boxes, and bright LED lighting. They also boost convenience for cyclists by offering bike parking protected from the elements, air pumps, and ‘fix-it’ stations for making simple repairs and adjustments. With these new features, customers can feel more confident storing their bikes at Metro stations.

To access Metro’s Bike & Ride facilities, customers must use a registered SmarTrip® card and complete the online Bike & Ride registration form below.

Customers can access the Bike & Ride facilities with a registered SmarTrip® card after filling out the form below. You'll receive an email confirmation when your information is added to the system, which generally takes about 24-48 hours. Then, simply tap your SmarTrip® card to the target, enter the facility and lock your bike (preferably using a U-lock). Now, you're ready to ride Metro!

For added security, register your bike with Metro Transit Police.

Due to Covid-19 safety precautions, only one person should be in a Bike & Ride facility at any given time, until further notice.

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Questions? Contact us at or call 202-962-1066.