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Ready to Metro? Here, you'll find all the ways to pay on Metrobus, Metrorail and at all 44 Metro parking facilities.

Tap & Go With Mobile SmarTrip

Stop using plastic, start using your phone. Add, tap then go.  

Ride Metro using only your phone in a station, on a bus or driving out of a parking lot - all with one tap. Works with our regional partners too!  

Available for iPhone and Android.

Get started

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Metro + Capital Bikeshare

We've teamed up with Capital Bikeshare to offer free bike rides to eligible customers on our region's bike share system. Add a mobile SmarTrip® to your phone and you can earn ten free 45-minute classic bike rides.

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  • SmartBenefits is Smart for Employers

    Enrolling in SmartBenefits for your company is a smart choice. Take advantage of the many benefits including tax savings, local incentives and helping your employees save a few extra dollars!

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  • Save thousands on transit with SmartBenefits

    Employees in companies around the region can save on their commuting costs with our pre-tax benefit.

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