Railcar and Railcar Facilities Investments

Metro operates over 1,200 railcars, more than half of which are new 7000-series railcars. In Fiscal Year 2022, we're planning to invest $342 million in railcars and associated facilities. These investments are organized into three subcategories:

  • Railcar acquisition, including new 7000-series and future 8000-series trains
  • Maintenance and overhaul work, including preventive maintenance work to keep the fleet safe and reliable for customers
  • Facility upgrades and improvements, including a new Metrorail Heavy Rail & Overhaul facility to provide additional railcar maintenance capacity and accommodate the increase in demand for additional track maintenance and associated equipment
Here are a few featured projects:

8000-series Railcars

The 8000-series railcars will improve on the design and features of the 7000-series cars, the most reliable in Metro’s history. The company building the railcars, Hitachi, plans to add an assembly plant in the region, which will create local jobs and return Metro’s investment to the local economy. Read more
8000-series railcar

7000-series Railcars

Metro's 748 new 7000-series railcars were built to maximize safety while providing enhanced rider comfort and reliability. The 748th and final railcar entered passenger service in 2020.
7000-series train at station

Heavy Repair and Overhaul Facility

The new Heavy Repair and Overhaul Facility planned for Landover, MD will improve the efficiency of railcar maintenance by consolidating overhaul operations into one facility while providing workers with a modern facility and shop equipment. Read more

Heavy Railcar Repair and Overhaul Facility